Could you make an exception?
Could you grab my dry cleaning?
Could you create that spreadsheet?
Could you take over the presentation?
Could you fly down to Albuquerque tomorrow?
Could you come by my office for a meeting in 15 minutes?
Could you stay late so I can get this submitted before 9pm?
Could you answer the phones until we get a new receptionist?
Could you help the new staff figure out how to use the HR system?
Could you cancel your vacation and make this new project your top priority?

Photo by Inga Gezalian on Unsplash

Could you not focus on what one person wants but what is best for everyone?
Could you not allow the urgent to distract you from the important?
Could you not let me treat your time as less valuable than mine?
Could you not agree when you have good reasons to disagree?
Could you not define who you are by the title you have?
Could you not allow me to ignore your suggestions?
Could you not worry about making mistakes?
Could you not let me dump work on you?
Could you not push yourself too hard?
Could you not forget this is just a job?

if i’m not optimizing some operations puzzle or the other, i’m probably reading (or writing, apparently)

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